What Slowdown?

I was discussing the economic slowdown with some friends over the weekend.  We were trying to predict the likely depth, length and impact but we came to the conclusion that logic and a sound understanding of economics alone couldn’t help.  You’d need to apply complex chaos psychology first.  The issue, we realised, is that whilst […]

An “average” marketing strategy

Mean.  It’s a great word isn’t it.  But what does mean, mean?  If you see what I mean.  It’s either hateful, the intended meaning of something or, as I want to use it here – an average.  In this case it’s the “average” marketing strategy for a specific marketing segment.  What would be the value […]

2009 Guidance for CMOs

I think Michael Gerard is spot on with his views on the need for different priorities and strategies for CMOs in 2009.  He talks about the need to remove the disconnect between sales and marketing, decentralisation of both the marketing function and budgets to the region and also about the importance of sales enablement.  These […]

Viral marketing – something for the weekend…

I’ve witnessed first hand the success of viral marketing campaigns but I’ve never quite had the budget at my disposal to go this far… Goodbye, Mary. And before you point it out to me – yes I know I’m passing on the virus.  Enjoy.

Audience strata mismatch

If I were to write in this blog “18th century art has always been my passion.  It’s my belief that mid-18th century, art, as captured by oil on canvas, has never been surpassed in terms of quality.” You may ask what on earth that has to do with you – a visitor to a blog […]

Book recommendation

I’d like to recommend a book today.  I came across it a couple of weeks ago and whilst I don’t know the author, it felt like it was written by someone I knew.  It’s well worth a read if you’re in product marketing, product management or strategic marketing planning.  It’s called quite simply “Product Marketing […]

Running the REPAMA rule over mainframe SOA

I’ve just finished the REPAMA Segment Analysis Study and Marketing Efficacy Assessment on High Performance Middleware.  It’s just going through our buddy checking process at the moment so now I can get on with the next project.  We’re about to start looking at vendors of integration and SOA solutions on the mainframe with the REPAMA […]

You can spin, but you can’t hide

We spend a lot of time at Lustratus looking into the performance of early market companies.  Quite often these companies brief us and tell us how well they’re doing and how well they’re latest re-positioning is being received in the market.  Most of the time I believe them.  And what if I don’t, what can […]