Open Source and the Impotence(sic) of Being Earnest

Q. What do the questions… “How do porcupines make love?” and “How do you ‘sell’ open source software?” …have in common? A. The answer to both is “Carefully!” Software sales is a funny business.  Push too hard and you’re open to accusations of potentially ripping people off through aggressive tactics, don’t push hard enough and […]

Audience Strata

In infrastructure software sales and marketing, Lustratus categorises the primary end user target audience as one or more of the following three categories:   IT Technical – Represents the overtly technical disciplines within the IT organisation that have no management, strategic  or commercial responsibilities IT Business – Represents the higher management levels of the IT […]

Positioning and the Positioning Statement

Positioning and the Positioning Statement This page contains a summary of a series of blog entries I made during January and February 2009.  It describes the format of the positioning statement that we use in the REPAMA competitive intelligence methodology. I refer to the concept of positioning and the positioning statement frequently so I wanted […]

An ESB is an ESB is an ESB – n’est pas?

As the saying goes, if it looks like a fish, smells like a fish and tastes like a fish then the chances are that it is a fish.  Likewise by any measure the products in the recent REPAMA study into the ESB market segment certainly appear to be ESBs but why then is none of […]

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) REPAMA findings published

Just a quick note to say that the REPAMA Segment Analysis Study into the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) has been published on the site.  The ESB is a segment that Lustratus knows well as we’ve carried out strategic marketing work for most of the key protagonists at some point.  That said, there were a […]

TIBCO eats itself

Cannibalization.  You don’t get to see that very often unless something strange has happened.  No, I’m not talking about the act of eating the flesh of the same species.  Instead I’m referring to where a vendor eats into its own sales by promoting one of its products ahead of another in the same market.  It […]

Is this slowdown real?

I don’t mean to be crass here and I know that I’ve asked this question before, but I have to wonder whether we are experiencing as deep a slowdown as the media would have us believe. Perhaps it hasn’t reached my part of the software industry yet but right now I’m working with four companies […]

Words, words, beautiful words

So that’s the REPAMA blog in words based on the clever algorithms at  I wonder what this will look like in a year?  Will the words slowdown or recession be dominant or will they be replaced by the words hope, optimism and recovery? Danny Goodall