The Decision Making Unit for Cloud Computing

I’m kicking off some research into the Decision Making Unit (DMU) for Cloud Computing services and software. I’m interested to see how much, if at all, the cloud computing decision making unit differs from that of tradition data centre or infrastructure software sales. And if it does differ (as I suspect it does) then what […]

Marketing spend is (again)…

…falling in 2009.┬áNo great surprise there then as marketing budgets have been used by many struggling organisations as a “profit shock absorber” . But what is of interest is what that reduced budget has meant to the shape of marketing organisations and their priorities. How are they actually allocating remaining budget in these tough times? […]

A Refreshing call with GigaSpaces

Steve and I had an interesting and refreshingly different call this morning with GigaSpaces. They had reached out to us to make sure we knew all about them so that they could be fully represented in each of the categories in our cloud computing market landscape / segmentation / taxonomy where they have a solution. […]

Reverse Engineering’s Approach to the Cloud Computing Market

I’ve been a bit busy recently and so instead of finishing off the complex REPAMA SAS into the “Cloud Computing / Cloud Software / Cloud Management / Application Services Management” study, I decided to produce a rough draft of the much simpler REPAMA into’s go-to-market strategy instead. Whilst the segment analysis study only covers […]

Cloud Computing Lock-in

My Lustratus Research colleague Steve Craggs ponders cloud lock-in… …and asks the questions whether it is necessarily a bad thing here. – Hat’s Off Time

Steve and I met with the good people at this morning to get an update on their approach to the Cloud Computing market and to hear their vision for the future. I’d already carried out some REPAMA analysis of Force’s marketing proposition and, just like I found when I looked at Oracle’s ESB proposition,I […]