A Lustratus REPAMA Guide to the Positioning Statement

Positioning Cross HairsI’ve just uploaded a document to Scridb which is based on a series of blog entries from the REPAMA blog.

In this series of 8 blog postings I described the format of the positioning statement that we use to help our clients capture their company or product strategy. I’ve finally got around to committing the description of the 7 elements…

  • target customer/ideal client
  • main pain/need or desire
  • product name
  • product category
  • main reason to buy
  • primary competitor or alternative
  • the unique selling proposition – USP

…to ‘paper’. The document is embedded below and can be found on scribd.com.

[scribd id=23826456 key=key-15yeyrl8slzgx9uzm65p width=620]


Danny Goodall

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