Is this slowdown real?

slow down signI don’t mean to be crass here and I know that I’ve asked this question before, but I have to wonder whether we are experiencing as deep a slowdown as the media would have us believe.

Perhaps it hasn’t reached my part of the software industry yet but right now I’m working with four companies who are all doing incredibly well.  They’ve all had great years and are looking forward to a better year.  I have to balance that by saying that I’ve also got contacts in my network who have been hit by some real problems – but most of them are really closely tied to the investment banking market.

But most surprising for me is the UK job market.  I’ve been trying to help someone in my network to recruit for a sales position in the UK.  Because we work with lots of companies I have a very broad and deep network and from time to time I’ll try to help companies who are looking for good people.  I never try to pull people out of existing roles, but I’m happy to ask my network if they know someone “good” who is looking for a role.  Anyway the role I’m looking to fill looks excellent.  Good company.  Good pipeline.  Good people.  Good backers.  Good proposition.  But I’m struggling to find candidates.  “All the good people that have jobs and are staying put” I keep hearing.  So either this is the calm before the storm, or things are still “OK” out there.

I’m sure if we all believe it enough we can turn this slowdown into a real crisis but right now, in my network, things aren’t as bad as they might appear.

(This blog inspired by Troy McClure’s self-help film “Get some confidence, stupid!“)

Danny Goodall

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