Updated High Performance Messaging Report

TIBCO LogoJust a quick note to say that the updated High Performance Messaging REPAMA Segment Analysis Study has been uploaded to the Lustratus site.  It now contains the reverse-engineered product marketing strategy for TIBCO’s Messaging Appliance P-7500.  Existing customers and Lustratus research subscription holders will already have been contacted with details of free upgrades.

Following on from the blog entry I made when the first version of the report was released I thought I’d show the updated value proposition below.  As I mentioned in a previous blog entry TIBCO’s primary competitive focus is very unusual – it is TIBCO Rendezvous – one of its own products.  The different approach to the market doesn’t stop there as you’ll see from the report extract below.  TIBCO also plough its own furrow by taking a different proposition to the market when compared with most of their competitors.  This one based around green IT and data centre costs (in addition to the obligatory low latency = competitive advantage proposition).

High Performance Messaging - REPAMA SAS (1.10) Primary Value Proposition

For more information on the REPAMA methodology visit here.

Danny Goodall.

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