Veniders – A Homage to Lewis Carroll…

Humpty Dumpty…and his portmanteau words. I can’t help thinking as I write about this brave new world of Cloud Computing that we might need a new one.

Through years of thinking about and writing on the subject of technology marketing, I instinctively refer to the party that sells something to the buying party as “The Vendor”. The problem that Cloud Computing has introduced though is that the selling party in Cloud Computing may not be actually be selling a thing, but rather may simply be providing access to a service.

So whilst there is selling of a sort going on here, if I were to refer to say Amazon as a cloud “vendor” it wouldn’t be strictly accurate. The good news is that we were given the term “service provider” which perfectly describes the second category.

But what about where I am referring to both vendors and service providers, or what about a single organisation that is both a vendor and a service provider? For those instances, I am forced to continually, as you will have seen in these pages, write “vendors/service providers”. Which is fine but it feels wordy and after writing it 50+ times on a page, it becomes tiring to write as well as to read.

So the question is, do we need a new word to describe organisations that sell “stuff” as well as providing access to “things”? Is there already a more suitable word out there? Or does “vendor” have enough elastic in it?

So there it is…

Veniders – VENdors and/or service provIDERS.

…or maybe not. ;->

As Humpty might say – it’s getting very complicult and difficated- isn’t it.

Danny Goodall

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