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Moving House

Lustratus’ REPAMA consulting business has moved house. Well strictly speaking we’re still at the “Can’t remember where we put the ironing board and has anyone seen the cat?” stage of the move. But we’ve taken the first step by moving the repama.typepad.com blog to it’s shiny new location at www.lustratusrepama.com. So whilst it’ll be a while before we fling open the doors and invite the neighbours around for drinks, we’ve at least got somewhere to sleep tonight.

The problem was that the Lustratus REPAMA proposition had outgrown it’s home at www.lustratus.com which was always designed to be a place for end users and other interested parties to read and download Lustratus’ published research on infrastructure software issues.  We had tried to make it a place where vendors could also come and access competitive intelligence but it was clear that we needed to separate the two offers – just as our business is seperated into the “church & state” of analysis and consulting.

So for the moment www.lustratusrepama.com is the just new home of the REPAMA blog but over the coming weeks it will become the way in which Lustratus Research Limited communicates its marketing consultancy and competitive intelligence offers to technology vendors.  As well, I hope, as being a home for the exploration of marketing  best practice.  Lustratus.com will of course continue to be the centrepiece  of our end-user research practice.

Danny Goodall.

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