Lustratus predictions for the infrastructure software market in 2011

We all make predictions right? But do we ever return to our predictions and grade ourselves on how accurate we were? Well my Lustratus Research colleague Steve Craggs does that each year with his annual predictions for the infrastructure software market.

In 2011 he looks at likely developments in the following areas…

  • Business rules
  • Cloud computing
  • SOA adoption
  • Open source integration
  • Appliances

…but not before he looks back at his 2010 predictions and assess whether he was channeling the spirit of Nostradamus or not.¬†Steve’s latest crystal ball gazing can be found on the¬†Lustratus document store here and embedded on the Lustratus REPAMA SlideShare account below.

Danny Goodall

[slideshare id=6851767&doc=2011marketpredictionsforinfrastructuresoftwarerelease-110208101900-phpapp01&type=d width=620]

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