What is the Most Popular Adjective Used to Describe an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)?

The answer is…well at the moment I don’t know but I know a way of finding out.

One of the by-products of the REPAMATron system I’m building to automatically infer a high-tech vendor’s marketing strategy from the way they take their products to market, is that I’m able to build a count (or frequency distribution) of the words that are used in their marketing literature. If I also know what grammatical category (part of speech) the word fits into (noun, verb, adjective, etc.), then I can build a count for the different parts of speech associated with describing a product or service.

This might be useful for example if we look at the superlatives (best, fastest, quickest, cheapest, etc.) or the comparatives (better, faster, quicker, cheaper, etc.) that are associated with a product or service. Why is this useful? Well for marketeers that take competitive marketing strategies seriously, its useful to know just how  a competitor is claiming to be different/superior to their competitors. And it is through the superlatives and comparatives that they use that we will be able to answer the question “Just how do they think they are better?”.

So whilst I don’t know the answer to the question above at the moment, as part of the automated competitive intelligence study on Enterprise Service Buses that I’m building, I will soon.

I’ll keep you posted.

Danny Goodall

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