WSO2, or rather one of its competitors, has thrown its hat into the ring

As mentioned before I’m pulling together a short list of ESB vendors that will feature in a REPAMA competitive marketing intelligence study. I’ve added, or rather I should say that one of WSO2’s competitors has added WSO2 to the short list.

I’m using this study to road-test Project REPAMATron – an automated system that infers a vendors’s marketing strategy from their marketing materials. I’ve decided to add WSO2 into the mix for a number of reasons. The main reason being that I spoke to a representative of one of the other ESB vendors on my long list who asked me “Are you going to be looking at WSO2?”. Which was good enough for me. If that vendor was concerned enough about WSO2 to ask if they’d be on the list, well, then they have to go on the list.

Secondly, in addition to Talend and FuseSource, it will be a third vendor that is building Open Source technology that relies on the Apache stack in some way. It will be good to see how ‘similar‘ products are able to differentiate themselves through their marketing.

Lastly, I really like the marketing approach that the company appears to be taking. It has gone for a “Paradigm-Shift – it doesn’t have to be this way” strategy. Ironically, when we introduced the ESB category at Sonic Software, that was the same approach we went for then – under the banner of

“Changing the Economics of Integration”.

Also, in step with the Sonic Strategy, WSO2 is trotting out the…

“We started from scratch therefore we don’t have the same bloated, overweight stacks as our older (and massively more succesful BTW) competitors”.

…line too. Sonic, and other start-up ESB vendors also levelled that differentiator at the established integration vendors of the day.

But underneath that the company does really seem to have embraced the energy, vibrancy and indeed the new paradigm of the Open Source world. Proof of their willingness to challenge convention is their CEO Sanjiva Weerawarana pictured on their web site standing on his head. Which at least challenges the age-old paradigm of standing on your feet.

So hopefully we’ll see how much the paradigm has shifted. The people there certainly seem to have good provenance. Andwhilst this process is not really about the ESB vendors but more about helping me test a piece of software to see if it is inferring the right meaning behind the marketing language that the vendors use to take their products to market, I can’t help thinking that I’d really like to see how WSO2’s fresh approach differentiates it in the market.

Just as I did with Talend and Fuse Source, I’ll run WSO2’s marketing copy through the Arcanicity Index later to see how much jargon they use in their marketing copy.

I’ll keep you posted.

Danny Goodall

P.S. If there any other vendors you think should be added to the project – let me know.

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