About Lustratus REPAMA

Our objective is to help our clients to win more sales…

…we do this by working with their marketing, sales and product teams to first understand in detail how their competition takes their products to market. We then improve the way our clients position, promote and talk about their products and company; ensuring that their strategy is highly differentiated and that their competition is damaged in the process. We build effective marketing tactics to generate sales leads and produce supporting marketing collateral. Finally, we ensure that our clients communicate the new strategy as one organisation across product, marketing and sales divisions.

Lustratus REPAMA is the marketing consultancy and competitive marketing intelligence partner of the analyst firm Lustratus Research Limited. Whilst Lustratus Research provides detailed technology analysis, reports, insight and advice aimed specifically at end users of technology; Lustratus REPAMA helps technology vendors to better compete in their markets.

We’re able to do this because we have deep expertise in early markets where technology plays a key role in the sale. Our founders all started their professional careers with technology vendors as developers and architects before making the transition into sales and marketing-related functions. Being able to lean on a very technical background gives us a huge advantage when trying to develop effective market propositions around some of  our clients’ highly technical products. Once these markets mature, we help our clients make the sometimes difficult transition to talking about their products and company in business benefit terms instead of just technology.

The REPAMA research methodology is central to Lustratus’ consultancy services. Danny Goodall, a Lustratus founder developed the REPAMA methodology to provide a detailed map of the go-to-market strategies of the vendors in a particular market segment. We represent these strategies and tactics graphically as well as textually which makes it simpler to compare vendors’ strategies and to identify strengths and weaknesses.

REPAMA is an acronym formed from the phrase Reverse-Engineered Positioning and Messaging Analysis. Lustratus REPAMA services clients worldwide from its base in the UK.