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So where to start? I’m a UK-based technology marketing analyst and consultant with a driving passion for competitive intelligence and competitive marketing. That means I analyse the strategies and tactics behind the way high-technology vendors take their products to market. I use the intelligence gained to blog, tweet and publish REPAMA-based competitive information that helps organisations to beat their competition.

I’ve served the IT Industry in a mixture of technical and marketing roles for over 20 years. I spent 10 or so years in software development where I touched most of the technical disciplines within a software company – from developer to architect through support and finally to the position of Technical Director.  I was responsible for systems development for many organisations from small start-up software houses to system integrators and large multinationals.

I then decided to change career track and went into marketing. This was mainly because as a geek I was unusual in a couple of ways. I could explain to customers how the software could benefit their business and I could also hold a conversation without looking at my sandals. In reality it was the lure of the better company cars that drew me to a career in marketing.

So for the last 14 years I’ve married my technical background to what I feel is an inherent understanding of the principles of technology marketing. In that time I’ve helped many organisations to take highly-complex concepts and turn them into marketable products with compelling stories that persuade customers and kill competition. I’ve worked for and consulted to many really great high-tech vendors, worked with many great people and in that time launched numerous products into the European marketplace.

My expertise lies in infrastructure software; having marketed and sold technology in the following areas: Databases, AppServers, Developer Tools, Message Oriented Middleware, SOA, Semantic Search, Cloud Computing technology, Event Processing systems, BPM and ESBs.  I was actually part of the team that created the ESB product category while at Sonic Software. This provided a great insight into new market category introduction as well as some salutary lessons on how market leadership can easily be lost if you don’t focus on competition.

I am founder and head bloke at OneBloke Technology Marketing, a founder of the analyst company Lustratus Research Limited, inventor of the REPAMA Competitive Marketing Intelligence methodology, a STEM ambassador to UK schools, and I serve as a board advisor to a number of companies in this space. I blog on competitive marketing intelligence issues in my REPAMA Blog and tweet on the technology marketing at @lustratusrepama.

Lastly, I feel the need to point out that I don’t look anything like the randomly generated Gravatar image of me that I use on this site. Well, except for the lack of hair maybe. Oh and the eyes, the skin tone, the curt little slit of a mouth, and….

See all Lustratus REPAMA blog posts by Danny Goodall.