Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) REPAMA findings published

Just a quick note to say that the REPAMA Segment Analysis Study into the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) has been published on the Lustratus.com site.  The ESB is a segment that Lustratus knows well as we’ve carried out strategic marketing work for most of the key protagonists at some point.  That said, there were a […]

TIBCO eats itself

Cannibalization.  You don’t get to see that very often unless something strange has happened.  No, I’m not talking about the act of eating the flesh of the same species.  Instead I’m referring to where a vendor eats into its own sales by promoting one of its products ahead of another in the same market.  It […]

Part 7 – The “UNLIKE [the primary alternative]” element from the positioning statement

The Primary Competitor or Alternative I’ve been looking at the positioning statement In this series of blogs.  This entry will focus on the UNLIKE [the primary alternative or competitor] element. So just to recap here we’re constructing a natural language statement that captures a number of key strategic marketing positioning elements.  This particular element in […]

Part 5 – The “IS A [product category]” element from the positioning statement

Product Category Continuing this series of blogs where we are looking at the positioning statement format that Lustratus uses in our REPAMA research methodology.  In this blog entry we’re going to look at one of the elements that usually, but not necessarily, picks itself.  This entry is looking at the “IS A [product category]” element […]

Part 1 – The positioning statement

Positioning Happy 2009! I’ve been in debate with a number of correspondents about the layout and format of the positioning statement that we use in the Lustratus REPAMA-based research.  So I’m going to dedicate the next few blog entries to the positioning statement.  I hope to answer the following questions. What is the positioning statement? […]