Marketing spend is (again)…

…falling in 2009. No great surprise there then as marketing budgets have been used by many struggling organisations as a “profit shock absorber” . But what is of interest is what that reduced budget has meant to the shape of marketing organisations and their priorities. How are they actually allocating remaining budget in these tough times? […]

What do you do?

It’s an easy question isn’t it?  But its one that in my experience is so often misinterpreted or wrongly answered by high-tech software vendors through their web sites, marketing materials and meetings with prospects. When a prospect poses that question of a software vendor, what are they looking to understand?  The answer is that they […]

Funded Initiatives and lead generation

I’ve been scanning other marketing blogs recently, attempting to get a feel for what other folks are doing out there at the moment.  I see lots of advice on creating strategies to generate leads through social media and the creation of networks.  Whilst I wholeheartedly support any efforts to get closer to prospects by creating […]

Inaction. The biggest “competitor” in a slowdown

I often find that when building competitive strategies, vendors tend to focus all of their efforts on other vendors with similar products and technologies.  They believe that if they understand how the other vendors in their segment are taking their products to market, they will give themselves a good chance of winning business.  Whilst there […]

High-tech marketing spend is…

…slowing according to IDC’s Michael Gerard.  No surprise there then given the global economic slowdown.  I guess we’ve all seen some evidence of a slowing in spending and recruiting perhaps the surprise is that the slowdown is not as bad as one might have expected.  The results come from IDC’s 2008 Tech Marketing Benchmark Study […]