Part 5 – The “IS A [product category]” element from the positioning statement

Product Category Continuing this series of blogs where we are looking at the positioning statement format that Lustratus uses in our REPAMA research methodology.  In this blog entry we’re going to look at one of the elements that usually, but not necessarily, picks itself.  This entry is looking at the “IS A [product category]” element […]

Part 4 – The “OUR [product name]” element from the positioning statement

The Our Product Element In this series of blogs we’re looking at the elements of the positioning statement format that Lustratus uses in our REPAMA research methodology. In this entry I’m going to tackle one of the easier elements, where little specific planning or strategy is needed.  Here we’re looking at the “Our [product name]” […]

Part 1 – The positioning statement

Positioning Happy 2009! I’ve been in debate with a number of correspondents about the layout and format of the positioning statement that we use in the Lustratus REPAMA-based research.  So I’m going to dedicate the next few blog entries to the positioning statement.  I hope to answer the following questions. What is the positioning statement? […]

Teaching Oracle to Suck Eggs

Working out the depositioning strategy used by specific vendors is normally complex.  Do they actively look to emphasise their positives over their competitors?  Do they look to highlight their competitors’ perceived negative attributes?  Do they infer who the competition is?  Do they actively name the competitors, or the class of competitor? Reverse-engineering this information usually […]

What do you do?

It’s an easy question isn’t it?  But its one that in my experience is so often misinterpreted or wrongly answered by high-tech software vendors through their web sites, marketing materials and meetings with prospects. When a prospect poses that question of a software vendor, what are they looking to understand?  The answer is that they […]

Funded Initiatives and lead generation

I’ve been scanning other marketing blogs recently, attempting to get a feel for what other folks are doing out there at the moment.  I see lots of advice on creating strategies to generate leads through social media and the creation of networks.  Whilst I wholeheartedly support any efforts to get closer to prospects by creating […]

REPAMA Guide Now Online

Despite being available in “beta” form to REPAMA users for some time, I finally got round to packaging up a publicly downloadable version of the Lustratus REPAMA Guide. This can be downloaded from for no charge. I should say a big thank you to clients, colleagues and everyone else who has provided feedback on […]