High-tech marketing spend is…

…slowing according to IDC’s Michael Gerard.  No surprise there then given the global economic slowdown.  I guess we’ve all seen some evidence of a slowing in spending and recruiting perhaps the surprise is that the slowdown is not as bad as one might have expected.  The results come from IDC’s 2008 Tech Marketing Benchmark Study […]

Indocilis privata loqui – expelled from the marketing circle?

Without the benefit of a classical education I can’t be sure, but I think the Latin in the title says something like “not right to reveal secrets”.  It’s the motto of the Magic Circle – an organisation that guards its magic secrets jealously.  I wonder what would motivate a magician to leave the ‘circle and […]

A quantum of Solace? (Systems)

So, as I mentioned in my previous blog that Lustratus has been looking at companies in the High Performance Messaging (middleware) space recently.  A couple of ex-colleagues from Sonic (Dave Clare and Annalisa Sarasini) have both found themselves in this space, with Solace Systems and 29West respectively.  My colleague Steve Craggs is looking to produce […]

Focus and 8 fingered gloves

I remember using the phrase “You’re marketing 8 fingered gloves” with a client a few years ago.  And without wanting to show any disrespect to those unfortunate or fortunate enough to have more than 5 digits on each hand, I think it illustrates perfectly the dilemma that some technology vendors face. Imagine you are the […]

Ab initio

Welcome to the Lustratus REPAMA blog from Lustratus Research.  I’ve never been a fan of mission statements for the sake of mission statements.  I guess that is because most that I read are painted in the blandest shade of beige or taste of vanilla.  This tends to make them less of an “inspiring,  rallying-call” type […]