What is ScrewTinny?

ScrewTinny™ is a competitive marketing intelligence service developed by Danny Goodall that reads, analyses, categories and visually represents the go-to-market strategy of high-tech vendors.

ScrewTinny is currently under development and is designed to provide detailed competitive intelligence, per vendor and across market segments.

Unlike traditional competitive intelligence that focuses on the product features or the high-level business strategy of a vendor; ScrewTinny concentrates on the marketing strategy and language the vendor, vendors or segment employs to take products to market. The results are represented graphically which allows comparisons across vendors and segments to be easily made.

ScrewTinny is designed to help answer questions like:

  • If I were to enter xyz market segment, what strategy should I employ?
  • What is my competitor’s value proposition?
  • What is the ‘average’ or most popular value proposition for vendors in xyz segment?
  • Which job titles do my competitors focus their efforts on?
  • What product feature is promoted most prominently by vendors in the xyz segment?
  • etc.

ScrewTinny automates the manual REPAMA Methodology and is a trademark of OneBloke Technology Marketing.