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Lustratus REPAMA helps technology vendors increase sales

We publish highly-innovative competitive marketing intelligence that allows technology vendors to understand exactly how their competitors take their products to market and we help technology vendors to create positioning, messaging and marketing program strategies that clearly differentiate them in the markets in which they compete.

Lustratus Consulting Services

Lustratus REPORTLustratus REPAMA is the marketing consulting partner of Lustratus Research Ltd. Product marketing, product management, sales management and marketing communications functions within technology vendors use our results-driven consulting services to complement their own skills.  Working together, we tune existing; or create new, differentiated marketing strategies that kill competition. We differ from other marketing consultancy firms in two key ways.

Firstly, we are able to call upon the services of experienced market analysts from Lustratus Research Ltd which brings incredible business, market and technical expertise to our consultancy engagements.

Secondly, we have developed REPAMA – a  research methodology that reverse-engineers the go-to-market strategies of technology vendors from the way they take their products to market. The insight that REPAMA provides, allows our clients to understand their competitors’ strategies in detail, enabling them to combat threats and exploit weaknesses.

The REPAMA Research Methodology

Our REPAMA methodology reverse-engineers vendors’ go-to-market strategies from the language they use to take their products to market. REPAMA allows us to contrast and compare the go-to-market strategies of different vendors within a given market segment.

Example REPAMA Marketing Element Distribution DiagramWe represent the different vendor strategies graphically across 20+ strategic marketing elements. This graphical representation makes it easier to see competitive positions, to gauge where threats or weakness lay and where opportunities may exist.

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