REPAMA Consultancy Services

When high-tech vendors have the best technology in their market but still lose sales to their competition, they probably need to look closely at their product positioning, messaging and competitive strategy.

Lustratus REPAMA’s positioning and messaging consultancy helps high-tech vendors to find the best way to clearly express the real strengths of their technology in both marketing and sales situations, in a way that differentiates them in the markets in which they compete.

Aligning the strengths of a product to the needs of prospects and ensuring that those prospects understand exactly why the vendor’s approach is both different and better than the competition is the art of positioning. Lustratus REPAMA helps organisations to develop effective positioning strategies.

Consultancy and Workshops

Lustratus REPAMA has created a series of workshops and consultancy services that aim to combine the knowledge of the vendor’s key people with Lustratus’ experience of creating winning marketing propositions. The table below shows some of the most common issues that we help to resolve.


Typical vendor comments

Ultra competition We face significant competition in the market and they always seem to get the business
Lead generation We are not able to generate interest in our products amongst our target customers
Repeating success Our sales teams have mixed success. Some individuals are performing but others are not. Capturing this success and ensuring that this is replicated across the rest of the team is not easy
No references We’ve got really smart early market technology but it’s not yet trusted and we have no real references
Proposition too technical We have a really great technical story and our prospect’s technical staff really “get” what we’re about but we aren’t able to tell the story to the non-technical staff who control the budget
Technically-led sale When dealing with prospects, technical evaluations go really well but then we typically lose control of the sale
Industry focus We have changed focus into a new industry and are struggling to get traction
Poor communication We talk about our products and our audience glazes over. They just don’t get what our products are about
Proof Either because we are a young company or because our customers are reluctant to allow us to use their name, we are not able to prove to our prospects that we have helped other companies
New market traction We’re trying to enter a new market and we just aren’t able to get traction
No differentiation We find it very difficult to differentiate in our marketplace. Our competitors all ‘appear’ to be able to do the same thing so the business goes the way of the market leader
Awareness Most of our prospects don’t know who we are and if they do they don’t know what we do
Benchmarking Is our marketing organisation performing optimally compared to our competition?
Solution sale competition While we talk to our prospect’s technical staff, our competitors engage with senior management at a much higher level. We might win the technical sale but we seldom get the business.

Once we have scoped the issue and understood what is required, we work with the vendor’s marketing team and key stakeholders to define the solution. This typically takes the form of a workshop or a series of consultation sessions resulting in Lustratus documenting an agreed strategy. Lustratus then works with the vendor to ensure that the new strategy is implemented across the entire organisation from product to marketing to sales.

Tactical Marketing Programs

When defining marketing programs to generate sales leads or to create awareness, Lustratus works with vendors’ marketing teams to ensure that key objectives are met and that important messages and differentiators are incorporated. Aligning specific messages to the target audience in order for them to be compelled to take action is critical in lead generation campaigns. Lustratus has a strong track record in delivering effective marketing programs.

Marketing Collateral

Supporting marketing material such as white papers, use cases and product data sheets are key in ensuring that a positioning strategy is faithfully and consistently carried through all outbound marketing materials. Lustratus can produce these materials for vendors or we can work to ensure that existing material is in line with the positioning strategy.

Further Information

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