Low Latency Messaging Event

The good people at 29West have asked Lustratus to moderate a panel discussion at their upcoming Zero Latency Tour event in London on Tuesday 19th May.  It promises to be a good discussion as the participants all have solid real-world experience of building and implementing low-latency systems.  We should have a lively debate attempting to […]

TIBCO eats itself

Cannibalization.  You don’t get to see that very often unless something strange has happened.  No, I’m not talking about the act of eating the flesh of the same species.  Instead I’m referring to where a vendor eats into its own sales by promoting one of its products ahead of another in the same market.  It […]

Funded Initiatives and lead generation

I’ve been scanning other marketing blogs recently, attempting to get a feel for what other folks are doing out there at the moment.  I see lots of advice on creating strategies to generate leads through social media and the creation of networks.  Whilst I wholeheartedly support any efforts to get closer to prospects by creating […]

REPAMA Guide Now Online

Despite being available in “beta” form to REPAMA users for some time, I finally got round to packaging up a publicly downloadable version of the Lustratus REPAMA Guide. This can be downloaded from Lustratus.com for no charge. I should say a big thank you to clients, colleagues and everyone else who has provided feedback on […]

An “average” marketing strategy

Mean.  It’s a great word isn’t it.  But what does mean, mean?  If you see what I mean.  It’s either hateful, the intended meaning of something or, as I want to use it here – an average.  In this case it’s the “average” marketing strategy for a specific marketing segment.  What would be the value […]

You can spin, but you can’t hide

We spend a lot of time at Lustratus looking into the performance of early market companies.  Quite often these companies brief us and tell us how well they’re doing and how well they’re latest re-positioning is being received in the market.  Most of the time I believe them.  And what if I don’t, what can […]

“We all target the same prospects”

We all target the same prospects! I hear this a lot in the high-tech marketing world.  Organisations tell me that when they are prospecting they and their competitors target the same organisations and the same people. I want to highlight how assumptions like this can be very dangerous in competitive marketing.  It’s lazy to assume […]

A quantum of Solace? (Systems)

So, as I mentioned in my previous blog that Lustratus has been looking at companies in the High Performance Messaging (middleware) space recently.  A couple of ex-colleagues from Sonic (Dave Clare and Annalisa Sarasini) have both found themselves in this space, with Solace Systems and 29West respectively.  My colleague Steve Craggs is looking to produce […]

Focus and 8 fingered gloves

I remember using the phrase “You’re marketing 8 fingered gloves” with a client a few years ago.  And without wanting to show any disrespect to those unfortunate or fortunate enough to have more than 5 digits on each hand, I think it illustrates perfectly the dilemma that some technology vendors face. Imagine you are the […]