New Report From Lustratus Research: A Competitive Review of SOA Appliances

We’ve just posted a new report up at that looks at a number of vendors offering devices that promise to lessen the burden of managing, accelerating and securing a service oriented architecture. Authored by my colleague Steve Craggs, the report looks at “appliances” including IBM’s DataPower range, Layer 7’s SecureSpan XML Appliance and Intel’s […]

Lustratus 2010 Predictions for the Infrastructure Software Market

As is customary at this time of year, my Lustratus Research colleague Steve Craggs has launched his 2010 predictions for the infrastructure software market. At this time of year many people make predictions for what the year to come will hold, only for them to be long forgotten by the time next year’s predictions come […]

Cloud Computing Explained – Without the Hype

My Lustratus Research colleague Steve Craggs has taken a step back from the hype surrounding Cloud Computing and has defined it for the layman. Steve’s premise was that the Cloud Computing hype had reached fever pitch and that some of the claimed benefits had become pretty difficult to believe. He wanted to strip it down to the […]

Cloud Computing Lock-in

My Lustratus Research colleague Steve Craggs ponders cloud lock-in… …and asks the questions whether it is necessarily a bad thing here.

My Colleague Steve Craggs on Patents and Cloud Computing

My Lustratus colleague Steve Craggs has been blogging about his concerns over patent cases for a long time. Here he is looking at a case going through the East Texas District Court that could have a significant impact on the adoption of cloud computing. I just hope Steve doesn’t get stopped for speeding in East Texas […]

A quantum of Solace? (Systems)

So, as I mentioned in my previous blog that Lustratus has been looking at companies in the High Performance Messaging (middleware) space recently.  A couple of ex-colleagues from Sonic (Dave Clare and Annalisa Sarasini) have both found themselves in this space, with Solace Systems and 29West respectively.  My colleague Steve Craggs is looking to produce […]

Ab initio

Welcome to the Lustratus REPAMA blog from Lustratus Research.  I’ve never been a fan of mission statements for the sake of mission statements.  I guess that is because most that I read are painted in the blandest shade of beige or taste of vanilla.  This tends to make them less of an “inspiring,  rallying-call” type […]