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Corporate DNA @ Progress Software – Redux

Its déjà vu all over again. It was just under a year ago that I wrote about a massive restructuring at Progress Software, and here am I about to do the same again. But in the words of the song, this time I know it’s for real.

Progress appears to have finally thrown in the towel in a number of the market segments that it competes in. From the press release that accompanied the announcement, it is clear that some deep corporate soul searching has gone on over the past several months and that somebody finally had the balls to introspect and ask “What is Progress Software good at?”. Having the corporate balls to ask the question… Continue reading

Progress Software to Restructure Again – Changing Corporate DNA

DNAI see that Progress Software is in the midst of another restructuring and that to achieve this it will shed 12%-14% of the workforce.

This article details the problem and describes how “One Progress”, an alignment of the different divisions under the same banner, is the plan to turn the company around. I for one really hope that Progress can find some upward momentum. I worked for Progress for many years and still have some close friends at the company and its demise and inability to capitalise on the excellent technology it produces frustrated me then and it saddens me now.

President and Chief Executive Rick Reidy is tasked with a tough mission. To turn around a company whose main… Continue reading

A Market Landscape/Taxonomy/Segmentation Model for Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing - Market Landscape - REV 1 (0.92)_Page_07I’ve completed the first draft of the cloud computing segmentation model upon which we will build our REPAMA studies.

As I’ve mentioned before along my journey to arrive at this model, I’ve found the cloud computing market to have quickly become crowded and confused. This is largely due to the ease at which “traditional” vendors have re-repositioned themselves to catch the cloud computing wave.

The other issue of course is that over time cloud computing will cease to be a new paradigm and will quickly become the way consumers and businesses avail themselves of computing services. So what I’m seeing here is a market in transition where just about every category in traditional software sales will have an… Continue reading

Cloud Computing Wordle REV 4 – A list of Cloud Computing Vendors

Continuing the research I’ve documented in these pages

…I’ve either stumbled across, been gently reminded or have been actively asked to include specific vendors in the list of cloud computing vendors.

So here’s REV 4.


The actual list of vendors is shown in the tag list below. Also included in the Wordle is a list of the categories and classifications from DRAFT 1 of our market segmentation model which I will post here soon.

Danny Goodall

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Cloud Computing Market Segmentation – What is the role of the Channel? – Part 4

Continuing my quest to segment the cloud computing market, I’m now looking at the role a channel might play in cloud computing…

…and I’m struggling a little to map the traditional channel role onto cloud. But here are my current thoughts.

There are some obvious areas in the cloud taxonomy/segmentation that look like a good old fashioned software sales model. So first let’s start with my draft / work in progress taxonomy/segmentation to help anchor the discussions in something solid. BTW draft/work in progress means that it will change.

Channel Models For Cloud Computing (0.94)_Page_03

Cloud Software

So the Cloud Software segment looks like a traditional software business. Using Brad Buck’s definition for this segment:

Cloud Software is off-the-shelf software that can be used to… Continue reading

Cloud Computing Taxonomy – A Nice Definition With a Little Structure too – Part 3

NIST LogoAs mentioned earlier in these pages I’m documenting my quest to arrive at a market segmentation model of the cloud computing market. This will allow me to perform a series of REPAMA competitive marketing studies into various vendors in the cloud computing space. I’m uncovering more and more interesting research as I go and one such piece is described below.

The smart people at NIST (The US Governmental agency responsible for something or other – standards I think) have released some interesting work on cloud computing. Aimed at reaching a common set of definitions around cloud computing and its use cases, but recognising that these will change over time, their work can be found here.

I’ve reproduced some sections… Continue reading

Cloud Computing REPAMA – Taxonomy and the Role of Professional Services – Part 2

Small spannerI’m continuing the REPAMA Segment Analysis Study into the Cloud Computing market attempting to arrive at a solid market segmentation and two things have become very clear.

Firstly, every vendor with a remotely related proposition appears to have added the word “cloud” to their product name, presumably in an attempt to bask in the reflected glory that cloud computing provides, perhaps in an effort to appease their investors. This means that there are a large number of vendors claiming to be part of specific segments that may or may not have legitimate claims. This makes the process I’m going through confusing and messy. And if I, as a marketing analyst am having problems, I wonder what sort of success a… Continue reading

Updated Lustratus REPAMA Guide

The Lustratus REPAMA Guide Cover Page (1.10)

Just a quick note to say that I’ve updated the Lustratus REPAMA Guide to version 1.1. I’ve added three more studies that have been part of our analysis for some time but hadn’t quite found their way into the guide.

These are:

  • Depositioning focus
  • Differentiation strategy
  • Perceived threat

All of these studies are concerned with interpreting how the vendors under scrutiny approach competitive differentiation in one way or another and are now explained in the guide.

The Lustratus REPAMA guide is available for download, and for the first time in HTML format. Click here for more information.

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TIBCO acquires DataSynapse


Well, well, well. TIBCO announced an interesting move yesterday. It has acquired DataSynapse in a cash transaction valuing DataSynapse at $28M.

TIBCO calims that this will strengthen and compliment its distributed and cloud computing initiatives. We work for a lot of high-tech vendors and you get to know a lot of people and I have to say that the DataSynapse crowd are/were amongst the best. Not just good human beings but incredibly bright and innovative engineers.

The problem DataSynapse had was the tsunami that hit their customer base in the shape of the world-wide financial crisis. Almost overnight their remaining prospect base stopped spending while they took stock and a significant proportion of their existing customers either ceased to exist… Continue reading

We’ve moved

Moving House

Lustratus’ REPAMA consulting business has moved house. Well strictly speaking we’re still at the “Can’t remember where we put the ironing board and has anyone seen the cat?” stage of the move. But we’ve taken the first step by moving the blog to it’s shiny new location at So whilst it’ll be a while before we fling open the doors and invite the neighbours around for drinks, we’ve at least got somewhere to sleep tonight.

The problem was that the Lustratus REPAMA proposition had outgrown it’s home at which was always designed to be a place for end users and other interested parties to read and download Lustratus’ published research on infrastructure software issues.  … Continue reading

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